Jada & Noa

Peeking over her glasses, Jada moves herself closer to Noa, suggestively pressing her body back into Noa’s arms.
Pulling down Jada’s top, Noa reveals her small pert breasts and pink nipples. Feverishly undressing, they explore each other’s bodies as they write around on the bed, their legs entwined. Noa pulls Jada’s legs up over her head and reaches around to her open wet vulva, she slowly pushes her fingers deep inside Jada, making her tense up with the pleasure.
Oh, this is just magical! The shoot is summed up by a photo near the end where Noa and Jada are snuggled up in each other’s arms, identical serene smiles of contentment on their faces. Lots of beautiful photos throughout, highlighted by the wonderful shots of pretty Jada excitedly going down on Noa. Her handwritten note puts in words what is clear from the photos: “I loved licking her soft, shaved pussy! She is so hot when she has an orgasm!”
I’ll reserve further comment until after the video. The preview is so hot that I’m a bit worried the whole thing will melt my computer. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take to see these two incredibly gorgeous ladies have sex. Thanks so much girls!


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